Birštonas Resort

Amazing Nature in Birstonas Resort

One of the oldest resorts in Lithuania - Birštonas.  Now Birstonas - important Lithuanian resort,  attracting those willing to rest in sanatoriums, spas. In spring, it is frequented by jazz fans from all over the world, and in summer, Birstonas farewells an adventurous regatta.

Outstanding surroundings of Birstonas

Houses scattered among the trees, museums in elegant villas, a neo-gothic church with the tower pointing up the sky – it is Birstonas. It is surrounded by the nature of rare beauty; the resort encompasses pine forests full of there is and mushrooms, while the nearby Vytautas Hill, one of the highest in Lithuania, overlooks the spectacular natural panorama with twisting meanders of Nemunas River. If you want to try out sailing in these meanders of the Lithuania's largest river – rent a kayak or take a trip in a pleasure boat, and then step on the shore to visit a bird lookout spot. If you want to embrace the Birstonas’ beauty at a glance – then ascend to the sky in the air balloon or take a small plane from Pociunai airfield. Untold expanses will open from the bird's-eye view.

Birstonas is a great place to relax and entertain

Nowadays Birstonas is famous for drinking mineral water, baths, mud treatment facilities and sanatoriums. The latter apply new methods and techniques for mineral water and therapeutic mud, to overcome various diseases, and to help everyone to get rid of emotional and physical exhaustion. Especially gentle air of Birstonas, surrounded by forests and meanders of the Nemunas, has a positive impact on the body and works as a huge inhaler.

Those, who yearn for entertainment, can go to the winter mountain ski trail operating in Birštonas in winter. In all seasons the resort has frequent concerts, poetry evenings, and sporting events. The resort's central park, decorated with the works of famous Lithuanian sculptors, has walking and biking trails.

In addition, Birstonas is a great place for conferences or seminars, where fatigue after intense exercises is quickly dissipated by relaxation procedures or leisure time in nature.

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