Cold War Museum. Missile Base in Lithuania

Plokstine Nuclear Missile Base of Soviet Army

COLD WAR MUSEUM The former underground missile base is newly opened after the reconstruction and hosts the Cold War Museum (reconstruction funds were allocated from the European Structural Funds). Visitors can come to underground missile silos labyrinth and to get know with the Cold War period, propaganda media strategies, consequences of the nuclear explosions and the life in the military base. 

Pick up from the hotel (Klaipeda city). We will travel from Klaipeda or other cities of the Western part of Lithuania, to the Nuclear Missile lounch base of Soviet army. The guide will give short safety breifing of how you have to ackt on the base. Please pay attention to this. 

PLOKSTINE MISSILE BASE at the time when the United States started building underground military bases, it was decided that the Soviet Union had to maintain its military advantage. For that reason in September 1960 in the village of Ploksciai the Soviets started rapid construction of an underground military base, one of the first in the S. U. The shore of the Plateliai Lake and the Plokstine forests were perfectly suitable for the construction of the military base. The chosen location for the base was located160 m above sea level, the soil was easy to excavate and the local population was small. The local inhabitants were poor farmers who were paid 4.5 thousand rubles to move their farms. Further, from this location all of the Europe could be covered by the missiles, which could reach Turkey and southern European countries.

It is the only European exposure, equipped with one of the first in the former Soviet Union in the underground ballistic missile launch complex. The exposition on the base will include illustrations and graphics, about a top secret nuclear weapons of the Soviet empire and the operating principles of the organization, there are also demonstrations of combat missiles and other weapons of the Cold War examples of types and layouts.

This TOP secret object was the only one of it's kind in Soviet Union. Because of this base location the Soviet Red army could easy attack almost all main cities in EUROPE. Just in 12-20 minutes after the Nuclear Missile launch the target would be wipeout from the face of the Earth. Once this military base was the most dangerous object for Europe, and now you can safely walk through the corridors of this base and listen to the stories of how it was built and meaning it had for Soviet Union Red army.

After the guided tour our vehicle will bring you back to the hotel.

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  • Pick up and drop off at the hotel on a comfortable bus / minibus / Light machine with an AC.
  • Excursion - entertainment program (in description).
  • Local guides in the bus and the Nuclear Missile base.
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  • Medical Insurance.
  • Tickets of the entrance to the museum 3,47 € per person.
  • Personal expenses, gratuities to local guides and drivers, beverages, and other expenses not mentioned.
  • P. S. you will have to pay extra for permission to take pictures and videos on the teritory of museum 0,87 €. 


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​Tour: Cold War Museum

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