Cold War Tours

  • Back to the USSR - The Soviet Bunker
    Back to Soviet Union excursion in Vilnius

    We have an unique opportunity to turn the time and get back to Soviet Union. New possibility to visit the world famous Soviet bunker for those who want to get an idea of what people went through during those dangerous days!

    „1984. Survival drama in the Soviet bunker“ is operating for seven years, attracting brave visitors from all over the world.  Maybe you are not the brave one after all? Maybe you do like to see the reconstructed Soviet union but do not like to become an ordinary Soviet citizen for 3 hours? You do not want to meet Soviet guards and a German shepared who is so much worse that any guard?

    Location: Vilnius-Nemencine
    Duration: Half day
    Trip type: On foot/transport
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  • Kaunas Fortress - History of 7th Fort
    Seventh Fort At Kaunas. Kaunas Tour

    We will pick you up from the hotel (Kaunas city) and will have a short trip to 7th Fort of Kaunas Fortress which is 7,5ha nature and history oasis in Kaunas. You will have opportunity to participate in authentic and original journey around this historical heritage is waiting for you in 7th Fort. The professional guides, of the 7th Fort, will lead you in to historical adventure, in which you will find a lot of unheard and unforgettable storiers and information.

    Location: Kaunas
    Duration: ~2Hrs
    Trip type: Transportation/on foot
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  • Secret Soviet Bunker in Latvia
    Soviet Bunker in Latvia

    The secret Soviet bunker in Ligatne with different miscellaneous articles of the Soviet era, household items etc. The bunker was planned as the secret place for the first secretaries of the Soviet Communist Party – comrades Voss and Pugo. It was one of the strongly important sites in Soviet Latvia in case of a nuclear war. The secret Soviet bunker in Ligatne is open to visitors now.

    Location: Latvia
    Duration: 1d.
    Trip type: Transportation/on foot
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  • Cold War Museum. Missile Base in Lithuania
    Cold War Museum. Missile Base in Lithuania

    COLD WAR MUSEUM The former underground missile base is newly opened after the reconstruction and hosts the Cold War Museum (reconstruction funds were allocated from the European Structural Funds). Visitors can come to underground missile silos labyrinth and to get know with the Cold War period, propaganda media strategies, consequences of the nuclear explosions and the life in the military base.

    Location: Plateliai
    Duration: ~5Hrs
    Trip type: Transportatio / on foot
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