Fishing Tour in Lithuania

Fishing in Lithuania

Lithuania is famous for the beautiful nature. There you can enjoy the picturesque beauty of rivers and lakes, the nature's forests, grasslands, hills and valleys.

Fishing tours in Lithuania allow fishermen to experience excellent fishing in the impressive and peaceful surroundings. It's rivers and lakes harbour different species of fish, such as: carp, perch, pike, pike-perch, bream, crucian, tench, roach etc...

Day 1.

Arrival to Vilnius. Meeting with the guide at the airport, transfer to Dzukija National Park the fishing spot near Merkys river. Merkys - it's great river for fishing, even if you are a beginner! The water of river Merkys is clear like crystal, there are many wooded coastwises. River Merkys flow is not very fast, thus it is not difficult to fishing. There are many camps near river Merkys. Picnic lunch or dinner at homestead.

Day 2.

After an early breakfast, continue fishing in Merkys river (different fishing spot). BBQ and drinks in the evening. Sauna is available on request.

Day 3.

After an early breakfast, drive to the final fishing spot. Picnic lunch. Evening transfer to Vilnius airport or a hotel in Vilnius.

Rent of fishing gear may be offered upon request.


  • Fishing guide services throughout the fishing tour
  • Transportation during the whole trip (car rent is also available)
  • Fishing licenses
  • Cosy homestead accommodation for 2 nights
  • Meals 2 times per day

Fishing we can offer any kind of your place in the Baltic Sea, the Curonian Spit or even in Latvia or Estonia!


  • Various fishing types may be experienced depending on the season:
  • Spring - spinning of pike, bass, salmon; float fishing of white fish, vimba ect.
  • Summer - fishing of carp, bream, sheatfish, eel, ect.
  • Autumn - spinning fishing, burbot fishing.
  • Winter - ice fishing, worthy of note smelt fishing.

Fishing tour in Lithuania

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