How To Get To Latvia

How To Get To Latvia

Latvia is easy to reach to travellers from both West and East. You can take what transport suits you best – a plane, train, bus, car, or a ferry across the Baltic Sea.

Travelling to Riga by aircraft is easy and fast – there are direct flights to Riga provided by airports in European capitals and business hubs, as well as from Russia, Israel, Turkey, etc. Or you can take a bus – there are buses travelling to Latvia from European countries, Russia, and Belarus.

Travellers from Russia and Belarus can also reach Latvia by train. Finally, ferries sail to Latvia over the Baltic Sea.

Whether you travel alone, with your family or friends, be it for business or pleasure, there is always a solution best suited for you.

Flights to Riga

Riga International Airport is the largest airport in the Baltics. The largest number of direct flights is suggests to Riga from destinations in Europe and Asia, and from somewhere else Riga is easily approachable using transit flights.

Latvia’s largest ports are in Riga, Ventspils and Liepaja. They serve for regular ferry traffic from cities in Sweden and Germany.

If you don't have airline tickets, you can book online here!

Ferries and Cruise Ships to Riga

Tallink guarantee regular ferry traffic to the Stockholm – Riga way. The trip time is only 16 hours. Riga is most lot included in cruise way from Germany, Sweden, Norway and Great Britain.

Driving to Latvia

Latvia has borders with Estonia, Lithuania, Russia and Belarus. From Sweden and Germany travellers by car can take the ferry.

If you travel to Latvia from Lithuania and Estonia, there is no border control since joined to the Schengen Agreement. If you entering to Latvia from Russia and Belarus, you must get the visa.

There are no toll roads in Latvia (except enter to Jurmala resost. From April 3 to September 30 - 2Eur. From October 1 to March 31, all cars can enter the city free of charge).

Maximum driving speed in cities and residential areas – 50 km per hour. Maximum driving speed outside cities – 90 km per hour. From December 1 to March 1, cars must have winter tires; from March 2 to November 30 – summer tires.

Bus to Riga

You can comfortably travel to Latvia by bus as the country has land borders with Lithuania, Estonia, Russia and Belarus.

Time spent on the way to Riga: From Vilnius ~4 hours; From Tallinn ~4.5 hours; From Minsk ~8 hours; From Saint Petersburg ~11 to 12 hours; From Warsaw ~13 to 14 hours; From Moscow ~15 hours; From Berlin and Prague ~22 hours.

Most of the long-distance bus routes are operated by: Ecolines, Eurolines, Lux Express.

Tickets for domestic and international buses can be purchased online via the service providers’ websites and

Trains to Riga

From destinations in neighbouring countries Latvia is easily reachable by train.

Since the railway tracks in Latvia are broad than those in most other European countries, nowadays, you can only get direct trains from Belarus, Russia and Estonia.

If you don't drive at all or have not hired a car yet?

So you should use taxi services available round the clock. Visit for a list of taxi companies – all reliable ones! A taxi can even be called via the Internet or you can download useful Apps to your smartphones! Or you can book car hire here!

How To Get To Latvia

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