How To Get To Estonia

How To Get To Estonia

Travel to Estonia

Estonia is easy to reach by car, bus, plane and boat but reaching Estonia by train is only good if you are coming from Russia or Latvia.


Biggest international airport in Estonia is located in Tallinn and you can fly direct from most major cities in Europe.

If you don't have airline tickets, you can book online here!


Bus is a popular travelling option for budget travellers and those who are as interested in the journey as the destination itself.

Buses from Europe and Russia. Eurolines operates regular lines running several times a day from Riga (Latvia), Vilnius (Lithuania) and St. Petersburg (Russia);

Most of the buses running on regular routes between Tallinn and Riga, Vilnius or St. Petersburg are modern and include drinks, snacks, internet access and toilets.


If you like to travel by sea, then Tallinn is a port city with plenty of destinations and connections available to and from larger Northern European cities. Travelling to Estonia by sea is very popular with tourists as Tallinn is the closest capital to Helsinki and Stockholm and travelling by ferry enables you to combine the fun of cruising with efficient transportation. The main ferry operators are Tallink, Viking Line and Eckerö Line. To catch a ferry you will need a passport or ID-cards (for European citizens).


Driving to Estonia is very simple and comfortable, especially if you come through Finland or Sweden by ferry or drive through Europe.

Finland, Helsinki is just 80km from Tallinn and during summer periods, car ferries sail every two hours. Sweden, Stockholm is 380km from Tallinn and car ferries sail between Tallinn and Stockholm once a day.

Latvia, Riga is 350km from Tallinn – and you can take the Via Baltica road, which is a part from E67 Highway. Via Baltica also runs through Lithuania, Vilnius (530km from Tallinn).

Russia, Moscow is 1000km from Tallinn and St. Petersburg is around 350km from Tallinn – the easiest is to drive through the border crossing point in Narva/Ivangorod or Luhamaa/Shumilino or Koidula/Konichennaja Gora. Don’t forget: you will need a visa to enter Russia.

Main highways in Estonia are in good condition and driving from Riga to Tallinn or between any major cities in Estonia is smooth.


Travelling by train is cheap and fun. You will also get a chance to enjoy beautiful nature, wild and not handled landscapes and historic buildings.

There is only one international train line coming to Estonia: from Russia, Moscow (Leningradski Vakzal/Station). It takes ~15 hours: enough to enjoy the view, have dinner in the restaurant and a good night’s sleep.

If you are interested in a luxurious travel like the Russian royalty used to, you could rent the “Imperial Wagon”. It includes a private lounge area, three sleeping compartments (one with a double bed); private around-the-clock room service and dinners served in style. Cost is in the region of ~3000€ (Tallinn-Moscow-Tallinn).

If you don't drive at all or have not hired a car yet?

So you should use taxi services available round the clock. Visit for a list of taxi companies – all reliable ones! A taxi can even be called via the Internet or you can download useful Apps to your smartphones! Or you can book car hire here!

How To Get To Estonia

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