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  • Fishing Tour in Lithuania
    Fishing tour

    Are you someone who's never fished before? Do not miss the opportunity of having a rest and seeing unaffected nature in enjoying the untouched natural surroundings of Dzukija National Park, which is located in the Southeast of Lithuania. Spend 3 days fly fishing in some of the best rivers the country has to offer.

    Location: Lithuania
    Duration: 3d.
    Trip type: Transportation
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  • Hot Air Balloon Flight Over Vilnius
    Air Balloon in Vilnius. Hot Air Balloon Flight Over Vilnius

    Vilnius is one of a few European capitals, above which you may have a hot air balloon tour. Good geographic location, not so busy air traffic and friendly Vilnius Airport Flight control service greeting allows to fly over Vilnius city as often as weather permits. A hot air balloon flight can become a key element to any festival and a wonderful gift for you and your friends.


    Location: Vilnius
    Duration: ~4Hrs
    Trip type: Air balloon
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  • Lithuanian Sauna Treatment with SaunaMaster
    Lithuanian Sauna (Pirtis)

    If you are looking for something unusual and special, we would like to invite you to feel Lithuanian pirtis (sauna) rituals. Lithuanian sauna has very old traditions and are happy to show them. The earliest mentioning of sauna dates back the XIV th century. Our ancestors were going to sauna to relax after a week of hard work. Lithuanian bath is probably the best place for people to socialize. The cozy environment of bath helps you relax, feel part of a microcosm created by the immediate environment. Good mood, relaxation and natural energy – those are the feelings the professional SaunaMasters.


    Location: Kaunas
    Duration: 4 hours
    Trip type: Transportation
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  • Panoramic Flight Over Trakai
    Trakai Castle. Panoramic Flight Over Trakai

    It is amazing feeling when you taking of from the solid ground and getting high, closer to the clouds, where you can be a witness of beautiful landscape created by forest and lakes of TrakaiDuring the flight your eyes will be amazed of the view to the Trakai Castle, Uzutrakis and Lentravis Palaces and also by the shapes of small and green lake islands in the Historical Park of Trakai.

    Location: Trakai
    Duration: ~30min.
    Trip type: Small plane
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  • Husky Dog Sledding Tour on the Countryside
    Husky Dog Sledding. Husky Dog Sledding Tour on the Countryside

    Winter and snow are good not just for skiers and snowboarders season, you will have opportunity to go skiing with the Siberian Husky in Lithuanian wild. Join Siberian husky dog team right here, near Capital city, Neris regional park districts, as like you would enjoy it somewhere in Alaska and even you don’t need to go to Lapland.

    Location: Zalgiris village
    Duration: ~ 3Hrs
    Trip type: Local transport
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  • Sightseeing Flight Over Kaunas

    From the flight of 300 meters over the ground you will have great view to the old town of Kaunas, the new Zalgiris sport Arena, Kaunas lagoon, Pazaislis Monastery and the Botanic Garden. It is possible to change the direction of the flight if the pilot agrees with the new course.

    During this flight will can take a video or make panoramic pictures of Kaunas city. Your experience of this flight will last for a long time.


    Location: Kaunas
    Duration: 12min.
    Trip type: Small plane
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  • Sightseeing Flight Over Druskininkai
    Druskininkai. Sightseeing Flight Over Druskininkai

    The route of the flight takes you to the Rudiskes-Merkine-Liskiava-Druskininkai-Rudiskes. Just from the moment when the plane takes off you will see great view to the forest and hills of the landscape near Rudiskiu airport. In the far distance you shall see Didziulis lake, Daugai village, majestic Dzukijos National Park, in which territory you can find sandy plains and vibrant valleys of the rivers.


    Location: Druskininkai
    Duration: ~1Hrs
    Trip type: Small Plane
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  • Flight over the Golden Dunes
    Golden Dunes. Flight over the Golden Dunes

    The view of infinite sea line and spectacular picture to the Kursiu Peninsula it is a great opportunity for panoramic flight and adventure lovers to discover the most beautiful part of Lithuania! You will fly from Klaipeda to Nida town and back to the port city and during this flight you will watch amazing Dunes of golden sand and other beautiful parts of the seacoast region surrounded by the deep blue sea.


    Location: Klaipeda-Nida
    Duration: ~40min.
    Trip type: Small plane
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  • Flight Over the Port City of Klaipeda
    Klaipeda. Flight Over the Port City of Klaipeda

    You will have opportunity to see the gates to the sea, the international port and also Smiltyne with Sea Museum. You will fly over the Baltic Sea coastline and will be able to observe the endless sea horizons. The flight over the port city of Klaipeda will be unforgettable experience not only for the adventure lovers but also for the irreplaceable romantics.


    Location: Klaipeda
    Duration: 15min.
    Trip type: Small plane
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