Palanga resort


Palanga, Lithuania can easily be called the summer entertainment and recreation center. During the summer the city hosts more than 600 different events. Such events as the opening of the summer season, various choirs and popular music festivals, evenings of classical music, car racing, international dog show and a variety of sports competition attracts hundreds of exhibitors and thousands of visitors.

Those who looking for entertainment can dance till dawn in many nightclubs, some of which are even located on the beach.

Those who like active rest in Palanga, can be to travel around biking, horse riding, water rent bicycles or motorcycles, visit the tennis courts, a fun water rides or swimming in pools.

Those looking for peace of mind in Palanga resort can relax in sanatoriums, spa hotels, quiet stroll in beautiful pine forests or parks, visit the sights of the town of Palanga.

Palanga reosrt those days of summer weekends the resort's population increased by 30 times, and sometimes as much as a half million!

Palanga city

The main city - Basanavičius street. It is especially a favorite summer place for walking, because it constantly "boils" life: here mainly cafes, bars, pubs, music, dance and other entertainment. This street leads towards the bridge of Palanga. In the Baltic Sea 470 m. spreading bridge is one of the symbols of the city without which it is difficult to imagine the resort. Every evening plenty of people gather to escort the sun. Another attraction of the city - the beautiful Tiškevičius palace around them and a huge park designed by E.Andre. The park boasts more than 230 species of trees and shrubs. But the most visited place - Amber Museum. It introduces a variety of gold and Lithuanian history. At the end of the summer on the terrace are a lot of concerts and poetry evenings.

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