Plan Your Trip in Lithuania

Plan Your Trip in Lithuania

Having reached our country by air or by road don't stay to the major cities - Vilnius, Kaunas, Klaipeda and Palanga. Travel around the country.

You will find that the Lithuanian roads really good, while traveling by train and bus can reach virtually any corner of the country. Once it - find a comfortable night's sleep and a delicious breakfast. Book hotel here!

If you travel around the country by car, rest stop near highways, national and regional roads equipped recreation sites - some of them are very spectacular locations.

We haven't mentioned the culinary heritage: staying ethnographic regions of Lithuania - the Aukstaitija, Suvalkija, Zemaitija and Dzukija - be sure to try traditional dishes, apple and berry wine, beer or a refreshing dip in kvass.

Planning your trip to Lithuania to offer visit: - information about places to visit Lithuania, descriptions, photos, recommended itineraries. - Lithuania interactive map, you will easily find the necessary address, you can plan your route and get travel instructions.

Plan Your Trip in Lithuania

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