Shopping Opportunities

What to bring from Lithuania

Lithuania - one of the leading countries in terms of sales area per capita. Here you will find everything you just might need, from food to furniture, clothing or souvenirs - all under one roof. And if you are interested in unique, handmade items - find small shops. If you want to buy fresh, straight from a local farmer's garden imported goods - go to the market.

Major shopping centers - not only shops

Almost all major Lithuanian supermarkets you can find entertainment complex with cinema halls, ice arena, bowling, children's rooms and internet cafes. For your convenience, supermarkets host bank offices, telecommunications, travel, beauty services. Each customer's can choose from plenty of cafes and restaurants.

Unique items can be found in antique shops and special fairs

Lithuania and boasts an abundance of antique shops. They - the oldest furniture, household items, unique pieces of art, clothing and other interesting tidbits. If you have had occasion, beats Lithuania and popular "FLEA MARKET". It is a place where people sell nebenešiojamus, or top of any increase in your clothes, handmade jewelry, books, plates. When you buy do not forget to bargain - a good mood and at least some of the fun out of gadgets "FLEA MARKET" - guaranteed.

Lithuania widespread trade handmade products has to offer Lithuanians surprising their excellence and creativity. Each item is created exclusive and unique - you can be sure that no one else will have a second. Therefore, if you are looking for how to surprise and please your relatives and friends - do not miss the opportunity to bring exclusive handcrafted items.

If you are looking for exclusivity and luxury

Our country's garment makers really do not yield their creativity known, world-renowned designers. Lithuanian designer shops mainly based in the capital (Vilnius) of Lithuania. Literally just look, the measurements, choose - here you can find really enjoy. In addition, outerwear Lithuania will be able to buy a lot cheaper, but really high-quality and original.

Linen and amber articles - Lithuanian symbols

Both linen and amber Lithuania especially appreciated. Amber - the symbol of our country. By visiting the Amber specialized stores or from street dealers can buy pure amber stones, delicate jewelry, various souvenir paintings or sculptures made of stone known as Lithuanian gold.

It is also a very popular tourist linen and glassware. It is believed that flax, which are made of fabric, painted in blue Lithuania fields already about 4000 years ago. Of durable, natural linen material sewn clothes attracted the attention of tourists. Those who buy them, pleased - especially nice to wear them on a hot summer day. Well, we brought gifts to bring a linen apron, towel authentic, fun, bag, or other puodkėlę dress decorated apparel.

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