Siauliai city

Siauliai (109.3 thousand. Pop.) - Located in Northern Lithuania fourth most populous city in the country.

The city has one of the most famous symbols of Catholic Lithuania, which attracts many visitors from around the world - the Hill of Crosses. The Hill of Crosses is currently the most-visited sacred pilgrimage place in Lithuania.

People started placing crosses on this hill, in a form of a saddle, after the suppression of the Lithuanians’ liberation uprising in 1831 year. Hill of Crosses can see the whole panorama of diversity - from the most expressive sculptural. At present, there are over 105 cross thousand. And small, which leaves tourists believing a dream come true.

Visitors are welcomed to Siauliai graceful Renaissance St. Peter and Paul Cathedral. Visible from a distance of 70 m high church tower is the most striking panoramas of Siauliai accent. The tower survived unique sun clock.

Siauliai has planty of museums, which every tourist can choose according to taste and preferences: invites visitors only Lithuania Bicycle Museum, candy factory "Ruta" Chocolate Museum to access the history and production of chocolate and participate in the educational program "Sweet laboratory. Nature lovers offered to travel in ecological trail around the lake Talksa in Rekyvos Kurtuvenai regional park.

History of Siauliai

Siauliai history dates back to the victorious Battle of the Sun, which took place on 22 September 1236. In the course of its history, the city was devastated by wars, plagues and fires many times. The only architectural object that survived from the ancient times is St. Peter and Paul Cathedral in a Renaissance style, with a tower that is visible from afar, 70m high, is the landmark of Šiauliai panorama. The tower houses the survived unique solar clock.

In the 2nd half of the 18th century, the rearrangement of the city according to the principles of classicist architecture was started. Only several buildings have survived from that period. Located on the crossing of roads and railways the city would greatly suffer during all battles and wars.


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