Things To Do in Lithuania

Things to do in Lithuania

You are in Lithuania. Feel the greenness. Five national parks invite you. Travel through fragrant forests, see cultural monuments - castles, hill forts, churches, crosses. Know arts and the history of Lithuania. Smiling. You are in Lithuania.

Unique Vilnius old town

Neris and Vilnia rivers located in the capital of Lithuania - one of the most visited cities in Eastern Europe. Baroque masterpiece is considered The Old Town in 1994, a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Vilnius has long been known as Little Rome or Jerusalem of the North. The city stretches about 40 different styles of churches.

Tradition and authenticity

Welcome to our unique country discover the ancient traditions of the meaning and charm, read the white mythology of pre-Christian traits, distinctive music and dance traditions, see it real authenticity. 2003, UNESCO announced the Lithuanian tradition and symbolism the masterpiece of the oral and intangible heritage of humanity.

Medieval in Trakai

Galve lake water reflected the Trakai Island Castle dates back to the fifteenth century tower, when Lithuania became the most powerful, and the land was up to the Black Sea. Trakai is surrounded by five large lakes. Treat yourself to the beaches, delight yourself in the beautiful panorama of the yacht. In the summer of Trakai History Museum take part in the classical music concerts, medieval crafts festivals.

Memory of Ancient Civilization in Kernave

To go back to very old times you have possibility to visit Kernave – the distinctive site, which traces back the
exclusive and extinct cultural tradition and civilisation. It boasts the Baltic States’ only complex of five mounds. More, Kernave - Lithuania’s ancient capital.

Lithuania oasis - the Curonian Spit

Unforgettable taste of summer, sea breath and hot sand - discover all Lithuanian oasis spit. Watch how fast the wind is applied by your footprints in the sand. Close your eyes and feel the freedom. Baltic Sea and the Curonian Lagoon rinsed with narrow and long peninsula reminds the wilderness ...

Beautiful Resorts

Lithuanian resorts and modern spa centers across the country beckons guests an abundance of services and quality. Relax in nature and enjoy the fresh air, an exclusive spa center staff attention, relaxing massage, mineral water and mud baths, honey masks and unique amber therapy. Your state of health professionals assess and allocate the sanatorium and resort treatment ...


Welcome to five Lithuanian national parks. Here is a new experience, what green and cozy Lithuania has. Do you know that in Lithuania is nearly 3,000 lakes? In summer, Aukstaitija, Zemaitija and Dzukija national parks swim in very clean lakes, attend as ethnographic villages, see the mills. Go Lithuanian lakes and rivers - is one of the most fun ways to explore the land, as you can ...

Savioury Lithuanian Food

The majority of Lithuanian fairy-tales have a similar happy ending: eating and drinking for three days... If you wish to taste the entire Lithuanian cuisine, prepare for a lengthy stay. The oldest traditional Lithuanian drinks are mead and herbal brandies of various types.  Lithuania is also famous for its brewers. Lager or dark, non-filtered or honey beer will definitely get you talking.

Things To Do in Lithuania

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