Top 10 tours

  • Tour to Curonian Spit (Juodkrante, Nida)
    Curonian Spit. Tour to Curonian Spit (Juodkrante, Nida)

    Kursiu Nerija. It is a part of Neringa region and it belongs to the national park of Kursiu Nerija. It is the most greenest area in Lithuania - forests cover even 83% its territory. Neringa is the most sunniest in Lithuania. In 2000 Kursiu Nerija was included in the UNESCO World Heritage list as having a unique cultural landscape and exceptional value territory. Biggest cities are Nida, Juodkrante and Preila.

    Location: Kursiu Nerija
    Duration: ~6Hrs
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  • Back to the USSR - The Soviet Bunker
    Back to Soviet Union excursion in Vilnius

    We have an unique opportunity to turn the time and get back to Soviet Union. New possibility to visit the world famous Soviet bunker for those who want to get an idea of what people went through during those dangerous days!

    „1984. Survival drama in the Soviet bunker“ is operating for seven years, attracting brave visitors from all over the world.  Maybe you are not the brave one after all? Maybe you do like to see the reconstructed Soviet union but do not like to become an ordinary Soviet citizen for 3 hours? You do not want to meet Soviet guards and a German shepared who is so much worse that any guard?

    Location: Vilnius-Nemencine
    Duration: Half day
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  • Baltic Highlights Tour / 8days
    Riga City

    Guaranteed 2017year departures from April to September!

    The lowest price from 635 Eur pp.

    Small groups! 8 days! 3 countries! 39 objects!

    Start from Vilnius!

    Available English, German, Italian and Spanish speaking tour escort on all tours!

    Location: Lithuania - Latvia - Estonia
    Duration: 8 days
    Price from: €635.14 €722.02
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  • Hot Air Balloon Flight Over Vilnius
    Air Balloon in Vilnius. Hot Air Balloon Flight Over Vilnius

    Vilnius is one of a few European capitals, above which you may have a hot air balloon tour. Good geographic location, not so busy air traffic and friendly Vilnius Airport Flight control service greeting allows to fly over Vilnius city as often as weather permits. A hot air balloon flight can become a key element to any festival and a wonderful gift for you and your friends.


    Location: Vilnius
    Duration: ~4Hrs
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  • Lithuanian Sauna Treatment with SaunaMaster
    Lithuanian Sauna (Pirtis)

    If you are looking for something unusual and special, we would like to invite you to feel Lithuanian pirtis (sauna) rituals. Lithuanian sauna has very old traditions and are happy to show them. The earliest mentioning of sauna dates back the XIV th century. Our ancestors were going to sauna to relax after a week of hard work. Lithuanian bath is probably the best place for people to socialize. The cozy environment of bath helps you relax, feel part of a microcosm created by the immediate environment. Good mood, relaxation and natural energy – those are the feelings the professional SaunaMasters.


    Location: Kaunas
    Duration: 4 hours
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  • Riga City Break
    Riga City Break

    City Break in Riga. Weekend in Riga. Latvia is located in the Baltic Sea coast. It borders with Estonia, Lithuania, Russia and Belarus. The capital of Latvia - Riga city. Riga is one of the largest cities in the Baltic Sea. Riga can be reached from any European city. It is easy to come from Great Britain, Scandinavia, Russia or Germany. In 2014, Riga is published as European Capital of Culture.

    Location: Riga
    Duration: 3d.
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  • Belarus and Baltic Explorer / 11days
    Minsk city. Belarus

    Guaranteed 2017year departures from June to August!

    The lowest price from 1040 Eur pp.

    Small groups! 11 days! 4 countries! 52 objects!

    Start from Minsk!

    Available English, German, Italian and Spanish speaking tour escort on all tours!

    Location: Belarus - Lithuania - Latvia - Estonia
    Duration: 11 days
    Price from: €1040.6 €1097.66
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  • Tallinn City Break
    Tallinn City

    A city break to Tallinn, the capital of Estonia, by foot the best way to explore Tallinn's historic port city that dates back to medieval times. Tallinn is a sappy, twinkling metropolis, and between its tall modern buildings, the city has keep a unique charm.

    Location: Tallinn
    Duration: 4d.
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  • Vilnius + Trakai City Break
    Vilnius City. Vilnius City Break.

    Vilnius+Trakai City Break. Today Vilnius is one of the most visited cities in Eastern Europe, catching the attention not only because of its unique architectural character, but also cultural events and entertainment. A variety of business, political and cultural meetings. Vilnius is the most important city in Lithuania. Vilnius - Lithuanian capital of the Republic, the administrative, cultural, political and business center. Here is: the President, the Parliament, the Government, education, culture, education, health care institutions and banks.

    Location: Vilnius-Trakai
    Duration: 4d.
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  • The Best Places in Lithuania
    Fisherman's house in Nida. The Best Places in Lithuania tour

    The advantages of the trip: The best places in Lithuania; A comprehensive introduction to Lithuania: natural contrasts, cultural factors, political and historical twists; The Old Town, which is included in the UNESCO World Heritage list; The most beautiful place what Lithuania have: Vilnius, Trakai, Kaunas, Siauliai, Klaipeda, Neringa, Nida; Spit as a unique cultural landscape of exceptional value territory included in the UNESCO World Heritage site; Qualified local guides.

    Location: Lithuania
    Duration: 6d.
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