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Best TOP 15 Things to See and Do in Estonia

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There are plenty of white sandy beaches with its clean sand or at the pools and lakes which abound in the interior of the country. In the north of the Estonia, it’s suitable to find cozy coves used for nude bathing or take a good time for relax.

Cross-country skiing

A massively popular sport, the best place to do cross-country skiing is in the resort town of Otepaa (www.otepaa.ee). It is in the place where the Estonian Olympic medallists live and train. There is training area all year round among high level sportsmen or for cross-countrys skiing lovers.


Haapsalu (www.haapsalu.ee) is a magical little town with small streets, a miniature town hall and lovable wooden dwelling houses. On the fantastic seaside promenade stands Kuursaal, one of the splendid wooden buildings in Estonia. Here you will also find a deep ingrained spa culture. It is the ideal place to get away from it all.


Alike loved by surfers, sailors, hikers and nature holiday-makers. Hiiumaa (www.hiiumaa.ee) is excellent for those who are looking for rest and quiet. The Kopu lighthouse, which is one of the oldest lighthouses in the world assign back to the 16th century. This is also the best place for bird-watching in the whole country.


Narva (www.narva.ee) is a interesting place of Estonian and Russian cultures and a superb place to stop and take a rest when travelling to and from St.Petersburg. The first spa in Narva-Joesuu was opened in the 19th century. Narva is one of the oldest towns in Estonia near the River Narva. There is Herman Castle oldest architectural monument.

National parks

Research the countryside and see untouched forest and swamps, vivids old fishing villages and historic manor houses in one of Estonia’s 3 national parks – Lahemaa (www.lahemaa.ee), Soomaa (www.soomaa.com) and Vilsandi.

Outdoor activities

During the summer you can take a trip along the road of Otepaa (www.otepaa.ee) nature park, be delighted rolling hills and lakes, looping village roads and amazing rivers. The nearby Puhajarve is one of the largest lakes in Estonia and is very well suited for a quiet weekend camping trip in the wild.


Established in the 13th century, Parnu (www.parnu.ee) is a small town builded on the banks of the Parnu River. This medieval city has an calm and romantic place. The town is known as a seaport and a strength resort.

Railway Museum

Railway Museum (www.jaam.ee) in Haapsalu invites you to take a virtual trip back in time. Escorted by vapors engine noises, to learn about the development of railways in Estonia include almost a century and a half.


See old windmills, stone churches, fishing villages and a 3,000 year-old meteorite crater on stunning Saaremaa (www.saaremaa.ee), the largest island in Estonia.

Saaremaa Island

The breathtaking and unspoiled Saaremaa Island (www.saaremaa.ee) offers good opportunities for hiking and cycling.


Estonia’s capital the city already counting 850 years. Tallinn is the oldest capital in Northern Europe (www.tourism.tallinn.ee). Now Tallinn being such a solid, green capital, you can cover a lot in just a weekend and wallow short scenic walks while at it.


Full of ancient architecture, Tartu (www.tartu.ee) is Estonia’s second-largest city, seated on the Emajõgi River. Visit the city’s old university, the Vyshgorod Cathedral, the Town Hall (18th century) and the university’s Botanical Garden.

Wife-carrying World Championships

Estonia’s most unusual tradition is its Wife-Carrying World Championships (www.v-maarja.ee), an ancient Baltic tradition revived in the 1990s and now dominated by Estonia.


Catch a glimpse of wildlife such as lynx, bears, wolves and elk. Watch eagles, storks and a variety of wetland birds at Käina Bay Bird Reserve and Matsalu Nature Reserve (www.matsalu.ee).

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