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Nida Resort

62 / 100

Nida is Lithuania’s loved resort town on the Curonian Spit. Nida is located close the great white dunes that help to make it superb.

The major attraction in Nida is the spectacular white sand dunes that build one of the most memorable shows, next to the Hill of Crosses, that Lithuania has to offer.

An exciting landmark on the dunes is the sundial with its Lithuanian symbols. With its situated near the sea, Nida’s seafood restaurants serve up tempting portions of fish and shellfish cooked in traditional ways or smoked into piquant snacks.During the summer, eat outside and see the great waves of the Baltic Sea shore.

Nida Sights

Plenty of people go to Nida for the sea  sand, but if you’re looking for other points of intrigue, consider:

Thomas Mann Museum house in which this museum is stand was used by Thomas Mann, the Nobel Prize-winning German author in the 30s.

Ethnographic Fishermen’s Museum: Nida’s story as a fishermen’s village is started in this small museum, which tells about the town’s relationship with the sea.

Neringa History Museum: Archeological and historical photographs facts of the area fill 3 rooms of this not big but amusing museum.

Staying in Nida

If you want to stay in Nida, we recommended do it for the summer season. If you want to book a hotel, we highly recommended book it as early as possible. Otherwise, any of the variety of hotels or guesthouses can fully booked. Locals also rent rooms for visitors to the town.

Food in Nida

Lithuanian food and fish are great cuisine options if you’re taste in Nida. Smoked fish is a dainty of the coastal region of Lithuania that shouldn’t be passed when you can get it directly from the source. Also looks forward to enticing potato dishes and Lithuania’s favorite soup, šaltibarščiai, which is a cold beetroot soup eaten throughout the year.

Getting to Nida

To get to Nida by bus, take a ferryboat from Klaipeda straightly to Nida from the Old Port. Travelling by car or by bicycle get across during the New Port ferry boat and drive about 50 km to the Curonian spit. During this trip you’ll opportunity to see little villages where selling smoked fish along the way, colorful wildlife, and perfect picnic places.

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