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TOP places must-see in Parnu

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Pärnu Beach

Pärnu sea shore isn’t only a significant vacation destination in Pärnu, yet it is likewise considered as the best sea shore in whole Estonia. The sea shore itself resembles an energetic little world in Pärnu, this is the ideal spot to visit in summer and one the best activity in Pärnu.

Sooma National Park

Situated in the middle of Pärnu and Viljandi County, the Sooma National park is a beautiful wetland territory and perhaps the best spot in Pärnu touring.

The rich green backwoods of Sooma are well known for its incredible floods when because of hefty rains and liquefying snow water, the whole wetland zone including the timberlands, streets, and yards gets overflowed. Sooma offers a wide scope of exercises in Pärnu for the guests.

Pärnu Museum

This Pärnu historical center is among the best things to see in Pärnu. It takes you through the thrill ride of the previous 11,000 years of history. It gives you a point by point image of how the Pärnu city developed from the old Stone Age to archaic, extravagant, and Soviet-time to the current present day world through various shows and craftsmanship.

It likewise houses a little auditorium indicating films from the notable time frame. A portion of the primary attractions of the gallery are-Statue of ‘Stone Age Madonna’ which is a 8,000 old figure, a trader transport from the time of the fourteenth century, and a glass floor displaying the old remainders of Pärnu city. All set of experiences darlings should visit this exhibition hall.

Pärnu Castle

This is another greatest vacationer area of interest in Pärnu. The name additionally knows it of ‘Red Tower’ in the present period. It is a rock tower-like construction with a red block rooftop which gives the name of the palace as the Red Tower. The fifteenth century pinnacle or mansion at first had four stories with a 6-meter awful prison and jail cell.

As of now, it has the leftovers of just three stories. The legacy structure, which once used to be arranged on the town’s edge, presently, lies in the focal area in close region to the Old Townhall. The current mansion zone presently includes a lovely nursery, which regularly has distinctive Estonian workmanship displays.

St. Elizabeth’s Lutheran Church

On the off chance that you are now visited the above touring areas and considering what to do in Pärnu more; visit this excellent church.

The congregation has a place with the Lutheran people group, which is a Western Christianity gathering. Russian Empress ‘Elizabeth’ developed the current design of the congregation on the gift of 8,000 roubles in 1741. Subsequently, the congregation was named after her, and the whole development work got completed in 1747.

The congregation splendidly praises the Estonian Baroque design with Neo-gothic insides and gothic style wooden platform from 1893, which was made by the Riga craftsman Hausermen. The special stepped area was set up in Rotterdam in 1854 while the congregation organ is from the time of 1929. Further augmentations were done in 1995 by Ra Luhse.


It is a wonderful sentimental objective in Pärnu in the Pärnu sea shore region. It is a dazzling promenade made of stones that extends for a mile meeting the ocean. The momentum development of the seawall is from the time of 1863 while the previous one lies under the current seawall, which is from the time of the seventeenth century.

The previous one was worked by the Russian ruler Catherine, which is as yet noticeable during the low tides. The seawall has various legends related with it. Some say that sweethearts who walk clasping hands together on the seawall and kiss at its end stay together for eternity.

While some say, it was worked for a more established lady who needed to be nearer to the Moon and stars. It is at present a huge fascination in Pärnu, particularly for couples.

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